About Us

About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our website. We hope that you find it helpful in your Bible study. If you are in the Madison, Alabama, area we would be delighted to have you visit with us during our times of Bible study and worship.

The church at Gooch Lane and Hughes Road is a nondenominational, independent group of saints devoted to pleasing our Lord. Having no man-made creed, we simply seek to study the Bible and put into application the teachings and commands of God. Our activities as a local church seek to replicate the type of work and worship found in the New Testament. Our leadership, who desire to lead the congregation in the ways of righteousness as directed by the Lord, is composed of shepherds who meet the qualities described by the Apostle Paul in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Upon your visit, you will find a group of people who have realized the blackness of sin and sought forgiveness through our Savior Jesus Christ. The members of this church have been baptized for the remission of sins and seek to live as the Lord would have it. We seek to help one another in this walk and work together so that all may one day share in the glories of Heaven. Our work is free from social and political endeavors and focuses on spreading the gospel of salvation to others, while building up one another in love.

When you visit our Bible study sessions on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, you will find teachers who desire to teach the truth found within the Bible. Our classes are a mix of Old and New Testament studies, along with topics that seek to help Christians grow strong in their work for the Lord. You will find these classes helpful and encouraging as you seek to grow your Bible knowledge.

Our worship periods are patterned after the examples of first century churches found within the pages of the New Testament. Each Sunday morning, we assemble to partake of the Lord’s Supper and, in doing, remember the great sacrifice given for our sins. Our members participate in a freewill offering to collect funds in order to support the preaching of the gospel throughout the world, as well as our local evangelistic efforts in Madison, Alabama. We lift our voices to God in song and also pray together. Combined with our two worship periods on Sunday is a time for the preaching of the gospel. Sermons are delivered to both encourage and admonish in our service to God. In all that we do in our worship and preaching, we seek to give God the glory He deserves.

Won’t you join us? You will certainly be given a friendly welcome. Would you like to talk with someone before visiting in order to get more details? If so, please let us know and one of our members will be glad to talk with you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

On Behalf of the Christians Composing This Church,

Greg Chandler, Evangelist