Our Deacons

Our Deacons

Scott Britnell

Outside Facility & Grounds Maintenance

  • Supervise grounds maintenance

  • Coordinate landscaping projects

  • Coordinate repairs to the parking lot to include periodic patching and striping

  • Locate and correct any possible safety issues on the property

Stephen Cooke

Community Evangelism

  • Coordinate, encourage, and engage congregation in various Community Evangelism initiatives

  • Prepare evangelism invitation cards (e.g., ”Big Picture”) and make available to the congregation

  • Lead evangelistic outreach activities, such as the MeetUps

  • Lead / Coordinate teachers for the Bible Drill Class

  • Support greeting of visitors and obtaining visitor

Anthony Dempsey

Upper Grades & Adult Bible Class Program

  • Coordinate the Jr./Sr./Adult Bible class program (6th grade through Adults)

  • Maintain teacher surveys

  • Update curriculum as required (in coordination with the elders)

  • Support teachers in selection and procurement of materials

  • Manage electronic copies of materials

  • Ensure teachers are assigned for upcoming classes

Tim Estes

Library & Workroom Management

  • Library Organization (Supervise and Maintain Library)
  • Publish inventory on website along with orientation information (e.g., how to check out books)
  • Workroom (Arrange for organizing, stocking, and maintaining work room)
  • Ensure sufficient supplies to support classes
  • Classroom Material and Supplies
  • Collect and maintain class material as a congregation resource, in coordination with Anthony Dempsey and Kevin Henson

Justin Grimes

Member Assistance & Benevolence

  • Oversee the provision for transportation to building for members in need, elderly, etc. and solicit help from the congregation
  • Assess member needs, coordinate member assistance, and communicate to elders
  • Investigate other cases for benevolent needs, provide recommendations to the elders, and coordinate relief
  • Screen outsiders' requests for benevolence and advise elders

Kenny Hagewood

Technology, Baptism & Communion Coordination

  • Coordinate baptism activities
  • Coordinate and check Lord’s Supper preparation each week.
  • Ensure supplies are stocked and preparation room is suitable for preparation.
  • Coordinate technology maintenance
  • Coordinate electronic equipment purchases
  • Provide internet access
  • Conduct communion/collection meetings each Sunday morning

Eddy Hammond

Information Technology

  • Set up server to store class material and allow access to members from home
  • Perform regular local and offsite backups of the class material server
  • Establish/maintain computer network
  • Manage office equipment (copiers, laminators, printers)
  • Develop classroom connectivity plan to ensure projection capability is reliable and robust for a variety of platforms, teachers, etc.
  • Maintain wi-fi and ensure it is operable at meeting times
  • Ensure wi-fi is secure
  • Ensure preachers, teachers, and others can connect and print

John Hendrix

Visitor Welcome and Follow-up & New Member Orientation

  • Visitor Welcome

    • Develop and coordinate a new greeting rotation once every six weeks; share plan with Elders

    • Coordinate greeting of visitors and obtaining visitor cards

    • Coordinate preparation, update, and distribution of visitor handout packages

  • Visitor Follow-up

    • Greet visitors and collect visitor cards

    • Manage visitor correspondence and ensure follow-up with all visitors via mail or phone

    • Coordinate in-person visits for local, non-Christian visitors

    • Ensure entry of visitor information into on-line visitor tracking system (assisted by Deborah Sims)

    • Communicate status of visitor follow-up to Elders and Preachers

    • Regular meeting to exchange information with Greg Chandler and Carl Witty

  • New Member Orientation
    • Facilitate access to website and building
    • Ensure new members are put in contact with individuals for inclusion in on-line directory and picture board
    • Make duty roster forms and teaching forms available
    • Show new members around the building

Kevin Henson

Elementary Bible Class Program

  • Coordinate the elementary Bible class program (12-month through fifth grade)
  • Maintain teacher surveys for nursery through fifth grade classes
  • Update curriculum as required (in coordination with the elders) for nursery through fifth grade classes
  • Support teachers in selection and procurement of materials for nursery through fifth grade classes
  • Collect class materials in softcopy for nursery through fifth grade classes
  • Ensure teachers are assigned for upcoming classes
  • Work with teachers to make sure maturity of the children are on level with the class material during transitions.
  • Conduct a teacher training for Elementary teaching program or oversee it being conducted

Anthony Hilliard

Building Security

  • Develop and maintain Building Security and Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Develop the Building Security team and identify duties
  • Lead in emergency evacuations and other emergencies
  • Maintain a current situational awareness of current events and severe weather conditions
  • Ensure annual fire inspection is scheduled
  • Currently Fire Pro, LLC Is doing our inspection
  • Maintain and keep current the First Aid Cabinet and Automated External defibrillator (AED)
  • Maintain key cards, remove departed members access codes promptly
  • Ensure the Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) is in working order

Les Lewis

Evangelists & Worship Service Participation

  • Prepare duty rosters for members
  • Maintain activities survey of church members
  • Coordinate the checking of duty rosters prior to services
  • Coordinate guest/member speakers (as needed)
  • Maintain correspondence with supported evangelists
  • Review evangelists' reports and keep the church informed
  • Assess evangelists’ needs for support and advise elders
  • Coordinate housing/meals/travel with visiting evangelists
  • Encourage and organize member contact with and prayers for outside evangelists
  • Maintain supported evangelists bulletin board

Daniel Lynn

Member Directory

  • Prepare and maintain listing of open action items for deacons and distribute
  • Record, publish, and retain minutes of elders and deacons meetings and other church meetings
  • Publish and maintain directory and picture board
  • Maintain picture boards
  • Distribute church directory as needed

Marc Massey

Facility Improvements

  • Manage facility project improvements/ recommendations
  • Coordinate décor of building
  • Coordinate purchase of furniture
  • Locate and correct any possible safety issues in the building
  • Maintain bulletin boards in hallway and foyer
  • Coordinate “Bible Walkways” activities

Brad McCowan

Indoor Facility Maintenance

  • Coordinate/supervise building cleaning and maintenance
  • Supervise control of HVAC equipment
  • Maintain baptistry
  • Coordinate purchase of furniture requests

Brandon Miller

Public Relations & Song Worship Coordination

  • Coordinate mail receipt distribution
  • Coordinate messages for outside sign
  • Maintain tract rack
  • Coordinate the promotion and advertisement of evangelism efforts and special events
  • Coordinate with the public regular advertisement with news and social media
  • Coordinate special song services
  • Recommend and implement actions to improve singing including training classes

Wally O’Steen

Audio / Video Technology & Usher Support

  • Maintain sound room
  • Coordinate/develop the worship presentation
  • Supervise audio/video system and sermon recordings (to include training)
  • Upload sermons to the website
  • Manage PA system in auditorium
  • Coordinate maintenance of the multimedia projector in the auditorium
  • Manage class dismissals
  • Coordinate usher activities

Bryan Pennington

Small Group Coordination & Member Involvement

  • Coordinate House-to-House Encouragement Group activities
  • Coordinate devotionals
  • Congregational Get-Togethers
  • Coordinate Young Men’s Service, including training
  • Coordinate Morning with the Bible, along with Greg Chandler
  • Coordinate other small group activities

Joe Sims

Finances & Treasurer

  • Coordinate contribution counting and deposit of funds
  • Collect receipts for single contributions of $250 or more
  • Prepare annual statements for members w/single contributions of $250 or more
  • Pay bills for church expenses
  • Prepare and distribute payroll checks / wire transfers
  • Maintain financial files (including warranties and insurance)
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements
  • Prepare tax and employee record
  • Prepare monthly financial reports
  • Prepare draft annual budget and present finalized budget to the church
  • File all necessary forms for maintaining tax-exempt status

Nick Smith

Member Communication

  • Develop and maintain website for local church to facilitate evangelism, publicity, and member communication (enlist assistance)
  • Maintain e-mail and emergency notification services
  • Maintain membership attendance records on website
  • Prepare weekly bulletin and provide to elders for review (enlist member assistance)
  • Coordinate copying bulletin for availability to congregation each Sunday morning before Bible class (enlist member assistance)
  • Maintain file of bulletins for historical record
  • Send bulletins to people who have requested them (monthly)
  • Prepare scrolling announcements; ensure appropriate scrolling before and/or after assemblies

Chris Waye

Member Tracking,  Attendance & Insurance

  • Survey attendance (Notify Elders of frequent absences or other member issues)
  • Coordinate conduct of communion/collection meetings each Sunday morning
  • Insurance Coordination
  • Ensure compliance with local and state tax, property, employment, and immigration law
  • Assess insurance needs for building and health insurance for local evangelists being supported
  • Maintain inventory of building contents, including video
  • Ensure insurance needs are met
  • Coordinate communication to members emergency plans and services cancellation